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Since our founding, Oklahoma Siding Construction has been providing responsive, professional home improvement services for our neighbors in any service area we have worked in.

Our Starting

Starting out as a small contractor, our reputation for using quality materials, installed to the highest standards, quickly spread. As more and more homeowners came to trust Oklahoma Siding to make their homes more attractive, energy efficient and comfortable, we expanded our services.


No matter what home improvement project you choose, you can relax and enjoy the process with Oklahoma Siding. Our experience, in combination with a commitment to responsive service, means that our projects run smoothly and problem-free.


Our proficient team of employees will exceed your expectations from the estimation phase through project completion; on time, professionally and at a substationally low price.



Our goal as a company is to serve our clients with superior work.

One of the best parts about our company is that you never have to look far to find one of the owners. With all of our work, we believe that if our name is on it, we own it. That's why each team leader is one of the owners.


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